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Auto dating excel 2016

The following code seems to address the problem, at least for buttons. Command Button) With o Button ' If True, then temporary distortion is remedied only by clicking somewhere. Left 200 ' Move the button 200 units to the right, ... However it describes the symptom as When you change the display resolution while Microsoft Office Excel 2003 or Microsoft Excel 2010 is running, controls change size when you click them, while there is no need to do that for this issue to occur.' If False, then the temporary distortion is remedied merely by moving the mouse pointer away. Take Focus On Click = False ' For best results: In the Properties Sheet, initialize to False. I've found a fix that works, and solves the problem for a single user.I guess the only solution is to use an image as a click-able item to open a separate form with the rest of the controls (i.e. A simple solution to this problem is to ask the user to reboot their machine without any peripheral connections (projector) and then open the excel application again. There are a number of fixes around, but they seem hit and miss. Never the less, these are steps I took: I listed all shapes in the problem sheet (ws Form) on a blank sheet (Sheet1): Sub List Shapes() Dim sp Shape As Shape Dim int Row As Integer Sheet1. Screen Updating = False ' Turn off Screen Updating to make sure the user dosn't see the buttons flicker Get Button Size Command Button1 ' Saves original button size ' Do cool things ' ' ' Set Button Size Command Button1 ' Restores original button size Application.It was still occurring in Excel 2010 (happening to me May 2014), and is still occurring in Excel 2013 by some reports. Range("A1: F1") = Array("Name", "Left", "Top", "Width", "Height", "Bottom Right Cell") int Row = 2 For Each sp Shape In ws Form. Screen Updating = True ' Turn Screen Updating back on when you're done End Sub I had the problem also with Active X listboxes and found the following elsewhere and it seems to work so far, and it seems also the by far easiest solution that transfer along when handing the spreadsheet to someone else: "While the List Box has an Integral Height property whose side-effect of a FALSE setting will keep that control from going askew, and while command buttons have properties such as move/size with cells, etc., other controls are not as graceful." And they have some more advice: find that the problem only seems to happen when freeze panes is turned on, which will normally be on in most apps as you will place your command buttons etc in a location where they do not scroll out of view.This affects the controls available from the control toolbox, but yet to experience the issue using an old school forms button control, so my unsatisfactory answer is to use that. I noticed that if I use the properties sheet and change the width from the standard 15 to, say, 14 and then BACK to 15, it fixes it. It's sometimes a lot of extra finicky work, but it keeps my buttons from eating my spreadsheet. Command Button) ' Save original button size to solve windows bug that changes the button size to ' adjust to screen resolution, when not in native resolution mode of screen my Position = my Position = cb.Unfortunately i have a similar problem using the old buttons as well. The code below works for me (and has an amusing visual effect on the sheet: you click, it shrinks, the screen flickers, and it expands back). on workbook_open and window_activate , this is to prevent shapes from resizing with cells (but will move with them). Left my Button.height = cb.height my Button.width = cb.width End Sub Sub Set Button Size(cb As MSForms.Mostly, when we instruct users to use the extend display setting and the result is two screens both using native resolutions, we don't see the problem. Namely, buttons loading at a larger than normal size, getting larger when clicked on, and text and images in these buttons shrinking (and at least the setting for the text remained the same so I couldn't see any way to change it back programmatically or otherwise.) These have not been intermittent problems in my case.

The cause seems to relate to any setup where screens are used in something other than their native resolution. The "bottom right cell" helps you find the shape on your worksheet: rename by selecting the shape, then entering new unique value in the name/reference box at top left of Excel. On another note, you've piqued my interest now.In the meantime, Microsoft have had plenty of resources to release countless major updates to the Office suite and yet this problem goes unaddressed. I have no reason whatsoever to upgrade when basic stuff like this doesn't work.Surely someone at MS uses Active X controls in Excel right on a high-res display, no? Ran across this thread after dealing with the problem for a few months in Excel 2016.But what worked was a line at the start of the button code This is caused by zoom level calculation errors. If resizing any element with VBA, I would suggest setting zoom to 100%, resizing, then setting back to previous zoom level. The problem seems to relate to the way Windows handles non-native resolutions on monitors and can be avoided in several ways The problem can be a complete nightmare when it happens, but it only happens intermittently. Address int Row = int Row 1 Next End Sub I then counted each shape name in column A, using a formula in column G: =COUNTIF($A:$A0, A2) Obviously adjust range to suit... Didn't notice until I took the "stab in the dark" of checking all my shape names/locations/sizes. if anyone can please add to this with "how to replicate duplicate shape names" then maybe we can replicate the "shrinking controls" problem too...

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SOLUTION: (Ensure Excel is not running) Now Excel will run at its native resolution and Active X controls won't go awry. That is, if you send an Excel file containing Active X controls to your colleagues, the Active X controls won't display correctly on their system unless they change the compatibility mode settings.