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And now that she had finally begun to adjust and move on without Brad, he had come right back to her life.When she had first seen him standing in the doorway of their hotel, Jennifer had thought she was still asleep and this was just a dream.Having successfully tricked Alyssa into thinking she’d been seduced, Rose’s tormentor was inching closer to Malibu with the goal of taking Rose’s friends and breaking them to her twisted will in mind. If you need to review further, I suggest you actually go read the previous chapters at either Now for those pesky legalities. Unless of course you’re Hilary Duff, in which case the party’s just beginning. Seriously, if you’re under 18 you can’t read this story. It had then taken her so long to come to terms with the new desires she felt, but almost as soon as she had Brad had discovered her secret and had left her.With progress going so well on that front, Jaime allowed herself some play time and broke into Tara Reid’s house, taking the blonde as a prize. Feel free instead to go and watch the latest news from Iraq. Nothing in Jennifer’s life had been as hard as losing her husband, but thanks to her friends she had been able to keep going.Her husband had been the last person she had expected to see.She and Brad had spoken a bunch of times since he had moved out of the house, but it was the first time she had actually seen him since the night of their terrible fight.As for Sarah and Jennifer, their fun came to a bit of a halt when, one early morning, Jennifer’s estranged husband, Brad, suddenly appeared at their hotel room asking Jen to give them another chance.

Not that they were complaining after it was revealed the farm girl was quite the slut for pussy and had a serious torch burning for her own sweet mommy.Jennifer’s brain was filled with colliding feelings smashing into each other, none of them gaining the needed dominance to become an action. Jennifer was quickly waking up and she could see that this was hard on him too. They had been so close and now they looked at each other as if they were strangers.Jennifer hated the awkwardness she had felt between them.Jennifer had almost resigned herself to the fact that all the dreams she had designed with Brad in mind were dead.But there he had been…standing there in the doorway with flowers at 7 a.m.

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He had begun explaining himself to her…why he had left and what he had been doing and now why he was back.

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