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James mclurkin dating

Married in Ireland about 1747-8 James Mc Clurken came to America on the Ship "Lord Dunluce" in 1772, sailed from Larne under Capt. (This not yet proved)4 Baird children fit the requirements. He was granted 350 acres on Durbin's Creek Camden District, Craven County, South Carolina,-Council Journal 37 Pages 16-25, Meeting of Jan 8, 1773. compiled by Miss Lois Myer Authors Myer, Lois C (Main Author) Craig families of Ireland -FHL BRITISH Film [ 547593 ] TRANSCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: Family of - James Mc Clurken and Wife (Name unknown) 1720-25 Ireland 17?? James Gillies, bringing ten (10) children to America. Samuel Mc Clurken came to America on Ship "Lord Dunluce". Jane (Jean) Mc Clurken(9 children) 1758 in Ballymena, County Antrim, Ireland 1849-50Fairfield Co., S. C.) 1760 (Minor in 1772)Did not receive land grant. He was given a suit of clothes in his father's Will, the first son or child named in his Will. 1 part to Thomas Lewers 1 part each to the two minor sons, James & Samuel Mc Clurken. Jane Mc Clurken received 100 Acres of land 1/6 1773 Plat Book 18-Page 1494/13 1773 Rayburn Creek, all sides vacant - Fairfield or Laurens Co. Thomas Mc Clurken (yoeman) (Minor in 1772) (Revolutionary War Soldier: Lt Thomas Mc Clurken from Laurens Co., S.

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Thomas Mc Clurken & wife, Jenny to William Glidwell 150 Acres Duncan Creek - land granted to Thomas Cunningham 4/2 1773 to Thomas Mc Clurken 1/27 1780 - land on Saluda River Wit: Frances Lufey, Robert Glidwell, Abraham Myers. Catherine Mc Clurken(11 children) 1762 in Ballymena, County Antrim, Ireland Catherine was a minor in 1772. John Mc Clurken(2 sons - James & Andrew) 1764 in Ballymena, County Antrim, Ireland(Minor in 1772.

William Boyd B.1738 Ireland D.12/7 1829 Laurens Co., S. Boyd's Bible) Buried: west of Madden Station, Laurens Co., S. His first wife was Miss Mc Clanahan (from family records) 2 daughters. John Martin 1/6 1773 - Council Journal applications. William Boyd - 100 Acres Miss Mc Clanahan (wife) 50 Acres 2 girls (50 Acres each) 100 Acres - total 250 9.

Plat Book 21-379 2/8 1773 David Weir Will written 4/5 1796; probated 4/27 1797.

David Weir also on the Ship "Lord Dunluce" & received 100 Acres of land.

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Mary Mc Clurken received 100 Acres of land 1/6 1773-Her name also on the list of passengers on the Ship "Lord Dunluce".