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Mazda didn’t offer up specifics on which models would get the platform first, but its Mazda Connect system has been in vehicles since 2014, so a large number of customers are set to get the update in the future.

The company did note, however, that some vehicles might require a “minimal hardware addition,” but it didn’t expand on details for pricing or availability: “Mazda has been a Car Play and Android Auto partner since 2014, so it is no secret that we are developing both systems to interface with our Mazda Connect infotainment system.

See link above for more info UPDATE: There appears to be no user consistency with firmware #, I suggest you try the disable method first and IF it does not work after about 4 attempts then a rollback is your only other option.

One thing is certain anyone on version 59 can not successfully do this 'speed toggle' disable at all.

If you want to update your Connect yourself you need no other firmware editions apart from what is listed below.

below, then Copy and Paste each file to your clean/formatted USB flash drive (must be 2.0 version and FAT32), do not Drag and Drop the .

: WARNING: Mac (Apple) computer OS for doing updates are not recommended by Mazda Tech because of Mac's 'hidden files' on the USB content and other user issues.

The fix is to renew the cars CMU with a modified unit, your Mazda Dealer may say that they will update Firmware first (cheap option), but this will not and does not fix the hardware issue, only replacing the expensive Connectivity Master Unit (CMU) will. UP file to your clean formatted USB Flash Drive (2.0 FAT, FAT16, or FAT32). Also Mazda TSB from North America on these issues, in some cases you may have a hardware defect and could be covered under new car warranty for replacement part.It can take up to 5 minutes before the re-flashing process moves to the next visual screen. One may see several System Warning Screens just touch 'Next' for everyone of them. NG is the Sat Nav supplier for Mazda system, Naviextras is used by many car brands... After page has loaded select your 'Current Language' blue button drop down list (top right).If you are seeing the following on Connect Screen after Firmware Update and after inserting SD Card and starting car..."Your Mazda is not equipped with a navigation system. The system displays the version of the Music Update currently installed on your system and asks if you want to install the Music Update version you selected in step 7. You must Register and 'Log in' to use the Mazda Toolbox for PC desktop Navi-Maps Updates for cars Navigation 'SD Card'. Connected Services" where you pay for Map Updates after the new car warranty Free Updates has expired and or for other Traffic Information Service purchases.You must complain to Dealer as they will not renew CMU unless you use the paid for subscribed 'Connected Services' feature..(this is not a Recall). : USA Mazda Connect CANADA Mazda Connect Australia MZD Connect - Mazda Australia EU MZD-Connect North America Technical Service Bulletin on Bluetooth Issues.Refer to MMC Japan TSB R006/16 of February 4th, 2016. NOTE: OEM ''SPEED TOGGLE'' Disable for Touch Screen Speed Restriction use can not be performed on Mazda's with Firmware Versions or ABOVE (like 58 or 59) installed, regardless of Country or Region, IF you are currently BELOW any of those versions like or you can do this OE tweak, and then later upgrade without losing these settings.

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Both software systems should be retroactively upgradable onto all Mazda Connect systems with a potentially minimal hardware addition needed.